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Key Stage 2 Courses

These are regular 6-week courses which take students through a range of humanities topics including Geography, History, and Mythology, all based around a theme. Previous themes have included Kingdoms of the Saraha, China and Ancient Egypt. These courses are webinar style. This means I am the only one talking, there will be no cameras or microphones on except mine. The students will be able to chat with me and ask questions via the chat box system, but not with each other. There are no worksheets or assessments for the KS2 courses.

The Epic of Aeneas

Thumbnail for the home tutoring course about The Epic of Aeneas  for Key Stage 2 students.

Curriculum: Key Stage 2
When: Mondays 9am - 9.50am
First Lesson: 19th February @ 9am
Length: 6 Weeks
Lessons: 6 X 50 Minute Lessons

Units of Study:

Escape from Troy
Queen Dido
Journey to the Underworld
The fury of Alecto
The battle for survival
Death of a hero